Friday, 5 October 2012

Feedback on your AT feedback 2012

Firstly a big thank you for the large number of responses (37) to our Google survey for the 2012 Trail.  

The main conclusions I gleaned were:

  • Speakers chosen were deemed appropriate/interesting by the majority, but with a significant minority less positive. On reflection I should have provided a place for those who were less positive to explain their reasons – if you one of them please do e-mail. 
  • The number of speakers and the accessibility of their material were deemed appropriate by a clear majority.
  • Your favourite speaker was Richard Dawkins but all were enjoyed, and for next year there was a wide range of topics requested. General conclusion: keep it varied.
  • The time allocated to the arts was also deemed appropriate by the majority, with all artists being enjoyed but Jonny Berliner being a particular favourite. 
  • Next year particular interest was shown for participatory music/dancing and also more visual arts. However, again there was a wide spread of opinions.
  • People were generally very happy with Kilve Court as a venue and with their staff’s helpfulness.  However concerns were expressed about the food esp on Saturday evening.  The accommodation itself was deemed at least reasonable by most respondents.  A majority of campers were generally happy with their site/facilities but some felt the top of the hill was rather exposed.   
  • A number of you hated the bells!  
  • A large majority of pilgrims were very happy with the Trail itself but a significant minority were less impressed by the pre-Trail organisation.  Although detailed route information was provided for all Trails via the website well in advance of the event, for some, the non availability of individual Trail maps/routes at Kilve before walk – or for folks who were unable for some reason to keep up with the main body of walkers on the Human Trail- was a cause of complaint.  Human Trail details were offered at Kilve but not everyone was present at every event and it is possible some fell through the net. We will consider these matters for next year. 
  • The amount of activity, Trail booklet, website and newsletters were all well received and although a significant minority of people were less than enthusiastic about Crowdfunder, a majority were positive.
  • The vast majority were happy with the transport arrangements (sorry Andrew and Jenny!) and a large majority seem happy for us to site the Trail in Somerset again in future years (24th – 26th August 2013).
  • Only 1 person felt that the event was not good value for money.
  • 70% of you seem likely to return next year!
  • Other written feedback included- more free time between speakers to avoid numb bums, a slower pace at the end of the Trail to accommodate for increasingly tired legs and a call for more dog access with accommodation. All three seem fair points and I will organise accordingly if possible.    
I’m glad so many of you enjoyed your weekend with us. A big thanks must go to the AT team – Simon, Jo, Chris K, Steve, Paul Y, Tony, Penny and Jay, and also all those at Kilve Court.

The results are published here in graphic form: Summary of feedback

Saturday, 22 September 2012

AT Feedback Survey

Please click on picture to take you to the survey

Please help us make AT 2013 even better by completing this brief survey.  
The form is anonymous. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jo's Photographs

A small selection of Jo's pictures from the weekend, featuring Professor Richard Dawkins, Helena. body painted by Victoria Gugenheim and lots of others, all to Jonny Berliner's track Large Blue Butterfly Blues, 

Jo Balcombe's photos on Youtube

Will's Neck with added Darwin adapted from a photograph by Dean Powell

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sunday, 9 September 2012

MUI's Photographs

Just some of her work

Richard Dawkins at AT
BIG NOISE on the way to Kilve Beach

Helena body painted by Victoria Gugenheim at Kilve Beach


The aim here is to try and capture all the wonderful feedback from our most recent 'Ancestor's Trail 2012' , taking our knowledge forward for 'Ancestor's Trail 2013' and put it all into one place so that you can dip into the mine of information that has been donated to us by such a broad and erudite bunch.  Thank you so much for all your comments.

Where to start?

How about 
Ralph Hoyte's Poem - Origins are not the only fruit
and his photos:
Ralph Hoyte's photographs
or for a more in-depth experience, investigate his website:
Ralph Hoyte's website
Lucy Wainwright's Blog:
Jonny Berliner of course!
more photographs by:
even more by:
(Mui Tsun's pics coming soon!)
This is just the beginning... Keep adding!

AT 2012 'No expense spared' video